Ecommerce Booster : use

Use of the tracking module applications : Ecommerce Boosters

You have installed and configured our module monitoring of applications "Ecommerce Boosters".

We offer you here a tutorial that will allow you to use it quickly and some tips to improve the management of your requests.



Once logged in to your Back office, you can access it by clicking on the "macareu doctor" located at the bottom right

Note : You can access it outside of your backoffice via the link

logo de ecommerce booster

If you are not logged in, a login window is then displayed :

Sign in with your account that you used to place the order.


Once logged in, the welcome page will be displayed.

A menu allows access to several topics and sub topics :


We do developperons here that the part "Profileo Live > My tickets"



In the Section "my tickets"

For simplicity in the handling of this tool, we have developed a demonstration/presentation that explains in simple but detailed the operation of the interface.


To view this demo, simply click on the link "Demo" present in this interface

Let yourself be guided, it would take 5 minutes !


Our advice to use

Target your application

Express your requests in a simple but precise in indicating, for example

  • The normal operation and the problem (for the bugs)
  • The current operation and the desired change (for changes)
  • The url (address) of the page concerned


An image can often prevent a long speech !

Illustrate your claims with screen shots. For example, the free software called "Green shot" is designed for this and you can comment on your captures. You can download it here

Save time and money !

A request = a ticket

The tickets contain multiple applications are often complex to understand and treat. Their communication takes the form of novels indigestible. Therefore, their implementation time is much longer than of the unitary requests. Thus favors the unitary requests, you're the winner !


HELP ! Contact us

If you have the slightest concern for the use of the module or to enter your requests, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here

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