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With more than 60 publicly known vulnerabilities at this date, it is essential to keep your PrestaShop secure to limit the risk of data theft or misuse of payment methods.

Our expertise in securing PrestaShop stores allows us to assist you in detecting security leaks in your website and cleaning up any infected files.

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Ask us a question

750,00 € tax excl.

Secure payment by credit card or SEPA mandate

Time credits immediately added to your account if payment by credit card


In order to respond to the problem of PrestaShop security vulnerabilities, we offer a security pack consisting of an analysis and any associated security actions.

These actions include:

  • a complete status on the potential security vulnerabilities detected on your store according to your version of PrestaShop
  • a check of the modules present on your PrestaShop to identify known security leaks
  • an analysis of your PrestaShop core files to check if any modifications have been made by potential hackers
  • a check of your Google Search Console in order to detect the possible misuse of your sitemap or SEO
  • a status on the severity of the infection if your site is already infected, as well as the verification and disinfection of the impacted files
  • a list of proposals for possible corrective actions and safeguards
  • cleaning files, if the PrestaShop site is already infected

The analysis will be based on the list of known vulnerabilities at the time of ordering the pack.


Many security leaks can be linked to modules, depending on the case, we can either directly correct the leak in the module or recommend an update of the module (license at the cost of the customer), which we can roll out if this is achievable without potential impacts on the site.


All of the known leaks in the native PrestaShop codes can be corrected by upgrading your store. However, aware of the constraints and the cost of a version upgrade, we suggest that you correct the most urgent leaks as part of this security pack. We will thus take care of the correction of known critical flaws, impacting the Front Office and which are exploitable on your store. We can also estimate the correction of less critical or critical but difficult to exploit leaks.


By subscribing to this pack, you also benefit from a one-month warranty following the end of our intervention, in order to detect and correct any new critical flaws not known at the time of our intervention.


Even if our intervention makes it possible to correct the most important flaws, we always recommend upgrading PrestaShop to the latest version, which will correct many vulnerabilities. We therefore encourage you to keep your store up to date. We can support you if necessary on the minor version upgrade of PrestaShop as part of another intervention.

If you know that your shop is already infected and your request is urgent, please contact us before purchasing the pack so that we can give you an estimate for a first emergency action:

In the case of a heavily infected PrestaShop, where the actions to be carried out would require more than 8 hours of intervention, you will be notified after the 1st phase of analysis in order to agree on the actions to be continued.

This intervention ticket is intended for 1 single shop.