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Implementation of HTTPS

Performance Security

The activation of a certificate allowing the passage to HTTPS requires preliminary some checks and modifications to be well supported by your PrestaShop website.

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Ask us a question

290,00 € tax excl.

Secure payment by credit card or SEPA mandate

Time credits immediately added to your account if payment by credit card

Why move my Prestashop onto HTTPS ?

The HTTPS is a secure connection protocol for encrypting data exchanged between the client and the web server. In addition to avoid certain types of attacks, the implementation of HTTPS reassures your customers who will see on their browser (through the padlock on the left of the URL bar) that the connection with your shop is secure. From an SEO perspective, switching to HTTPS will be considered by Google as a positive signal that can improve your position in the search results.

The latest versions web browsers now alert users who are on an insecure website when it contains a form in HTTP.

What is the scope of our intervention ?

In order to allow your website onto HTTPS in all serenity, we propose to realize for you this intervention composed of an audit and actions associated.

Nature of interventions performed:

  • Compliance of the theme at the level of currently HTTP elements,
  • Control of modules called currently in HTTP,
  • Corrections of CMS pages,
  • Corrections for mixed HTTP / HTTPS content generating alert messages on certain browsers.

Once the technical action has been taken, the PrestaShop site will be switched to HTTPS.

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