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Optimize my images


Improving your PrestaShop site and its loading time goes through the delivery of its images. The combination of several practices is necessary to obtain effective and long lasting results.

This is why we offer you a Picture Pack implementing several types of actions.

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Ask us a question

990,00 € tax excl.

Secure payment by credit card or SEPA mandate

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  • a website and pages that display faster
  • your customers benefit from an optimal experience
  • search engines prefers your site

What does this Pack include?


Your images in WEBP format

This image format is optimized, it allows to have less heavy images without deteriorating their quality.

Switching your images to WEBP format is one of the recommendations listed on Google Page Speed ​​as part of web performance gain.

The gain observed on the weight of images in WEBP compared to their native format is 20% to 50% higher.

There are a few modules on addons.prestashop.com, acting only on the images of your catalog (product pages, categories, etc.). The action of these modules is therefore incomplete because they do not process images of the theme, of the modules, and included by your css stylesheets.

Profileo/772424.com has developed a module allowing you to work on all the images on your site.

Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading makes it possible to delay the loading of images, especially those visible only after a scroll, thus allowing a faster initial loading of the page.

This Google-recommended method dramatically improves user perception of page load time.

We have developed a module that consists of analyzing the HTML code of your page and modifying it so that the images are not loaded from the start, but are replaced by a transparent pixel.

After loading the page, a javascript will load the real images.

The browser will only load images visible withhout scrolling, saving dozens of file transfers.

This results in a faster page display.

We take care of the implementation of our modules (WEBP and Lazy Loading), their installations, the settings and the checks necessary to ensure proper operation.


Is your site hosted at 772424.com?

You also benefit from: dynamic image weight optimization

All images on the site are affected.

An image optimization will use several compression algorithms automatically.

We set up a script that will test all the possible algorithms for an image and retain the one that gives the best result: that is to say, a lighter weight without loss of quality.