Prestashop time credits pack

Time credits are valid for any type of intervention
on the back office or the front office of your PrestaShop store.

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1 Time-credits
85 € HT
1 time credit is ideal for a unique intervention or to test our services.
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5 Time credits
375 € HT
The pack of 5 time credits is ideal for small interventions or to test our services.
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10+1 Time credits
750 € HT
The pack of 10 time credits allows you to benefit from 1 additional hour offered (11 in total). Ideal for implementing medium-sized interventions ou many small interventions.
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25+3 Time credits
1875 € HT
The pack of 25 time credits allows you to benefit from 3 hours of free intervention. This is the pack to choose for undertake a major project.
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Time credits
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0 € HT
1 time credit corresponds to 1 hour of technical intervention
Without a validity period, you use your time credits when you really need them!