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Optimization of PrestaShop performance settings


When badly configured, performance settings can slow down your store or cause display errors.

Optimizing these settings reduces the loading time of your shop pages!

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Ask us a question

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Why optimize performance settings on PrestaShop?

Activating the various performance optimization options can have a very significant impact on the display speed of your PrestaShop store.

Whether it's for SEO or for user experience, your store's load time has been proven to be directly related to your conversion rate. The faster your store is, the better it will be referenced and the less users will leave it prematurely.

Be careful, however, the activation of certain options can generate display problems, so it is recommended to call professionals to make these adjustments.

What is the scope of our intervention?

Enabling the smart cache option for stylesheets (CCC) can cause display problems if your theme and add-ons were not designed to work with this option.

In order to allow you to benefit the better performance for your PrestaShop store, our team of developers carries out this intervention for you, consisting of:

- Activation of options allowing a significant gain in performance

- verification and testing of correct functionning according to the activation of these options.

This intervention does not include the implementation of CDN as well as any display corrections which may be the subject of additional ticket.