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Enable smarty cache


When enabled, the smarty cache system allows caching of all template files (.tpl).

This significantly reduces the loading time of your store pages!

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Ask us a question

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Why activate the smarty cache system on PrestaShop?

The SMARTY cache system allows server-side caching of "static" files (.tpl) related to the theme. As these files do not need to be parsed regularly, it is therefore wise not to parse them entirely at each page call.

The smarty cache system on PrestaShop should therefore always be on YES unless you are working on your theme or doing developments.

This option saves up to several seconds of loading time, it will improve the speed of your PrestaShop store significantly.

What is the scope of our intervention?

Enabling the smarty cache option is a relatively simple task that we suggest you perform.

In the event of display or operating error(s) linked to the activation of this option, you will be offered an analysis and an estimate of the time required for its resolution.