General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Physical web data storage sites

Depending on the main host of your data, mostly OVH and


Physical data storage sites of the Backup Platform

OVH SGB-2 Datacenter


OVH GRA-1 Datacenter



Company hosting the data backup
Chemin du Petit Cabri
13100 Le Tholonet


Security measures implemented with regard to the storage of data from the Backup Platform?

Data storage security:

  • Encryption: AES CBC ESSIV algorithm
  • Key: SHA with a length of 256 bits or more
  • passphrase: random length between 256 and 512 characters made up of numbers, letters and symbols, typed interactively each time the backup nodes are started to ensure that a physical theft of the server makes the data inaccessible

Data transfer security:

  • Encryption: SSH AES CBC
  • Key: RSA with a length of 2048 bits or more
  • passphrase: random length between 12 and 32 characters composed of numbers, letter and symbols

Data recovery method in case of problem

Remote connection by SSH or physical access to servers by our intervention team in extreme cases.



No certification has been required to accomplish our missions at this time.