FAQ of the proposed service

Frequently asked questions



What are the response time for interventions ?

Generally, response times are less than 48 business hours. For priority or critical tickets for your online store, the response time is often less than 2 business hours.


What are the delays of processing of a ticket ?

Our e-commerce team typically processes the ticket within 3 to 5 days after ticket acceptance. These timelines may be longer depending on the ticket's complexity and can vary based on schedules (e.g., sale periods often fill schedules more than usual). In case of an emergency, if you have a critical bug (i.e., one that prevents order placement), the processing of that ticket is prioritized and will be addressed on the same day (business days).


How are made the estimates ?

Estimates are provided as accurately as possible to minimize costs and are based on our experience in the field (approximately 600 hours of maintenance each month). In some cases, an analysis of your PrestaShop may be necessary to establish a precise estimate. The cost of this analysis will be communicated to you in response to your request.


The estimates may evolve ?

In some cases, there may be unforeseen circumstances in a technical ticket (additional communications, unexpected technical issues, misunderstandings, etc.) that can lead us to reevaluate the initial estimate. In the event of unexpected technical issues that involve additional completion costs, you always have the option to proceed with the new budget or return to the initial state and receive a refund of the allocated time credits.


In case of disagreement, what happens ?

As seen in the previous question, canceling a ticket is always possible: refund of the allocated time credits and restoration to the initial state before the intervention. We can also offer an analysis and correction of the described problem under the following conditions: If it turns out that the issue is due to a development error or misconfiguration on our part in your online store, it will be handled free of charge. Otherwise, the time spent will be deducted.


What are the guarantees ?

Our developments are considered validated only once you confirm the ticket as resolved. Any feedback you provide before the ticket closure will be taken into account and corrected within the scope of the ticket if it is related to our development. However, we cannot guarantee side effects or issues with code developed by third parties (e.g., a module from another provider or Prestashop's core code). We provide the best guidance based on our knowledge (whether it's for Prestashop or modules), but some specific cases cannot be anticipated (interactions between different modules, unusual data structures, etc.). To ensure optimal processing quality, we also recommend setting up a pre-production environment to validate developments in advance. In the event of any bug, of any kind, there is always a solution !


Are you working on SEO ?

We work on several aspects of natural referencing to optimize your online store. Our SEO agency oversees this part by providing an SEO audit to analyze your e-commerce site in detail and understand its strengths and weaknesses. Profileo offers a detailed SEO audit covering technical aspects, competition, responsiveness, and content analysis. This analysis allows us to identify technical improvements to be implemented for better ranking. Our SEO experts suggest corrective actions and can ensure ongoing monitoring of the site and modify its content.