FAQ and operation of the proposed service




What are the response time for interventions ?

In general, the response times are less than 48 hours. For blocking tickets or high priority tickets, the time is mostly less than 2 hours.


What are the delays of processing of a ticket ?

The processing time is generally about 3 to 5 days after acceptance of the ticket. These delays may be more important depending on the ticket size and may vary depending on the schedules. In the case of an emergency, if you have a blocking bug (i.e. preventing the order process), the processing of the ticket is in high priority and will be done in the day (working days).


How are made the estimates ?

The estimates are made the most accurate way to reduce costs and are based on our experience of the field (about 600 hours of maintenance every month). In some cases, an analysis may be necessary to establish an accurate estimate. The cost of this analysis will be communicated to you in response to your request.


The estimates may evolve ?

There are, in some cases, unforeseen events on a ticket (additional communications, unforeseen technical matters, bad understanding, etc..), that can lead us to reevaluate the original estimation. In the case of unforeseen technical, involving additional costs, you have always the choice between continuing on the new budget, or to return to the initial state and we will refund you the time credits.


In case of disagreement, what happens ?

As seen in the previous question, a cancellation of a ticket is always possible : repayment of credits, and get back to the initial state before intervention. We can also can propose an analysis and fix for the problem described according to the following conditions : If it turns out that the problem was caused by a developmental error or a bad configuration from our part, it will be treated free of charge. In the opposite case the time spent would be counted.


What are the guarantees ?

Our developments are validated only once you confirm the ticket as resolved. Note we do not guarantee side effects or problems on codes developed by third parties (ex: plug-in another editor, the native codes of Prestashop). We advise the best, according to our knowledge, but in some special cases matters cannot be anticipated (for example, interactions between different modules, atypical data structure etc...). In order to guarantee you the best quality of service, we also recommend that you set up a pre-production environment allowing you to validate developments before their deployment. In case of a bug, whatever it is, there is always a solution !


Are you working on SEO ?

Only on the technical part. We are not an agency of SEO and do not intervene on the content or advice about those. There are experts and companies that are specialised in SEO which modifies the content for the ranking of your site. We can on our side, on request, make a technical analysis of the tool Google Search Console. This free tool, provided by Google, gives you the crawling errors (how the search engine crawls on your site). This analysis allows you to discover areas for technical improvements to be implemented for SEO, with corrective actions propositions. Free to you then to decide what actions you want to launch or not.